Tuesday, November 9, 2010

lights in the dark

There are these religious leaders in Japan that sit under freezing waterfalls for hours, meditating. They can stand it because after they pass a certain mental point, their brains fill up with endorphins and all kinds of fantastic-feeling chemicals. So they feel really great while being pummeled with ice water. They can't feel it. I think I operate in the same way. When things are crummy and everything goes wrong, my brain says, "Just stand this for a little while longer and I will fill you up with nice lovely endorphins." Today I felt fantastic. My car broke and a bunch of other crud happened to me. But I didn't feel crappy or pessimistic. I felt blissful and floaty. Something strange is going on inside me.

PS. Happy 26 MONTHZ Crubsy! I heart you.

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kara lynn said...

i think that is amazing. you taking control of your mind. away from anything horrible that may happen. you don't let it affect you. please divulge your secret.