Sunday, December 5, 2010


I have listened to this song about literally 50 times today. Right now even. It has the greatest album artwork. Lookie.

It is neat how you can listen to a song and it brings on so many memories and feelings. Whenever I listen to Bad Romance I think of the Senior Dinner Dance, and senior year.
When I hear From First To Last's self titled album I think of the first winter Chris & I were dating and I think of wearing my purple and grey jacket.
When I hear All The Pretty Faces by The Killers I think of a certain ex boyfriend.
When I hear The Killer's Sawdust album, I ALWAYS think of skiing because for a whole season straight I listened to it while skiing.
When I hear this song by Michelle Branch I think of the part in Goblet of Fire when Harry is in the lake in the Triwizard Tournament.
When I hear Black Moth Super Rainbow I think of last summer and Chris.
X&Y by Coldplay always makes me think of 7th grade.
Stockholm Syndrome by Muse reminds me of when my mom told me we were moving in 8th grade and I went and cried in my room and listened to it.
Riot Maker by Tech N9ne makes me think of Lindsey, and one time Hannah and I were driving to a football game and listening to it and going CRAZY in the car.
The Unicorns always always reminds me of Erica Davis, Lani and Jerd.
I think of driving home from work when I hear Catherine Kiss Me by Franz Ferdinand.
Televators by The Mars Volta freaks me out a little bit and makes me think of this crazy dream I had once, and of the Apocalypse, and creepy little animals.
If It Means A Lot To You by A Day To Remember, Cayman Islands by Kings Of Convenience, Adieu by Enter Shikari, any Fall of Troy song, Plug In Baby by Muse, Horchata by Vampire Weekend, Let The Evil Go East by Greeley Estates, Spirit of the Stairwell by Circa Survive, and We Own The Sky by M83 make me think of Chris. Bigtime. And Share The Sunshine, Young Blood by Emarosa makes me think of him leaving.

Do you have songs like that?


Lindsey said...

It's crazy how many different songs remind you of the weirdest things/situations. I love music.

meg. said...

emarosa: love.