Saturday, December 4, 2010

full of humor.

Do you know what I think is awesome. Chubby men are always thee funniest people ever.
Like Jack Black,

And Zach Galifianakis,

And Mr. Sanderson at the high school, he is so hilarious.
One time we were taking a math test and it was silent and he walked in and said "It smells like" and he couldn't stop saying it but he was trying to. But he just couldn't stop. Oh he is great. Miss him. A chubby guy came into work the other night, and he was saying the funniest things. You all know it's true.

Oh, and yesterday was the last day of biology lab and we are studying Darwin and natural selection and stuff, and we had to go around and flip coins with everyone in the class and "mate" with them. "Random mating" or something.
"Are you guys mating?"
"We're mating right now."
"It's for science."
"I know you have a boyfriend, but..."
"Hey thanks for mating with me."
"Oh it was my pleasure."
"Whoa. You're getting a little eager there."
"Have we mated yet?"
"Hey we're mating. K go."

It was like high school all over again.

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(Megan) said...

We totally did this. I had to mate with a guy that had kids. And a girl. You'd think biology would be a bit more logical...