Saturday, January 1, 2011

the 2010 in photo review.

Here's what 2010 contained.

Got Chris hooked on snowboarding/he broke his collarbone doing it.

Cut my hairs super short.

Went on a cruise and set foot in the Caribbean.

Went on Orchestra tour to SLC.

Played with a wolf.

Did Hosa Bowl. Dominated. Awesome.

Jumped on all the bandwagons and did Hare Krishna.

Learned how to grow plants via Hadfield.

Saw MUSE in concert!!!!!!

Wreaked havoc in St. Sleeze and stayed in a sweet condo with Lindsey and Hannah.

Went to pram with my lovey.

Went to Lagoon.


Was Edward Cullen.

Saw Backstreet Boys in concert. ALRIGHT!

Saw MGMT in concert. AHHH!

Met Chris's missioning brother Andrew.


Ace Gang Lake Powell senior trip with AWWLL da ladies.

Got a sweet sandal tanline, finally.

Mockingjay at midnight.

Purchased Edward!!!

Went to a fantastic witch party.

Finally saw Circa Survive in concert!

Saw Harry Potter at midnight and dressed up for once!

Hosted a fabulous Christmas party.

Started college and survived my first semester.

Fell in love with Vampire Weekend.

Fell in love with ginger a jillion times over.

So as you can see, 2010 was quite the awesome year. Probably the best one thus far. I mean really. It was wonderful.
My favorite thing all year was probably Disneyland with Chris and his family.
And also seeing Muse in concert was a huge life goal crossed off. And Lake Powell rocked. Too much good.
And I'd say my biggest accomplishment was buying a car. It was a good thing.
I am nearly positive 2011 won't be as awesome. But I am going to try.
My resolutions are the same olds, but as cliche as they are, they're still good ones: be a nicer and better person, develop an actual exercise schedule, eat better food, don't be antisocial, make more friends. Also on my list: write Chris letters at least once a week, read the Bible, get a huge chunk of my car payments paid off, and perhaps move out?
Cheers to the new year.

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jessie said...

well you had an awesome year.