Tuesday, January 25, 2011

alright, here we go. day 1. introduce meself.

Here I am.
I am Mallory Jane Straus. I definitely am.
I have a ridiculous amount of love for animals of all types, but especially cats.
I love a boy, a ginger, named Chris Busby.
I like clothes. I go to college. I love to ski.
And there are some wonderful people in my life that I love so much. And we will cover them later.
Also, I brush my teeth in the shower. I have to hold something while I fall asleep or else I feel cold and alone. I absolutely cannot look at myself in the mirror if I have been crying. I can't sit still while talking on the phone. I never step on sidewalk cracks. I can't walk past a bush or a piece of foliage without picking a leaf/needle/branch off it and tearing it apart little by little. I find patterns in every single set of numbers I see, especially clocks. I can't not put my knee up on my bathroom counter while doing my hair & makeup. I can only drink water if it is cold. I can't write in cursive unless I have a pencil. I think my cat smells good.

And, I like myself. And I know this because sometimes I imagine if I had a clone of myself. And I imagine how much fun we would have together and how much we would support each other. She would be my best friend. (Does that sound horribly conceited?)

So, there I am.


Hippie Grandma said...

i brush my teeth in the shower.
yeah, without fail. :)

Nicole said...

hahahaha no, two of you would be ideal.

Megham said...

I Love you Malpeee!
ps I brush my teeth in the shower too