Wednesday, January 26, 2011

day 2: my first lurve.

Oh, heavens. I started out soon. (Let's not even go into how early I was kissin' them boys.) My first love was in Michigan, in first grade. This adorable boy named Tony Stefanski sat next to me on the first day of school and my heart throbbed. (Ew. That sounded kind of gross.) One time he injured his knee playing soccer at recess. I creepily watched from a distance as he was carried off the field. And then I started crying because I thought that he would die because he was hurt so bad. I was in love.

But no, I really wasn't. Just extremely smitten.
My first love, my first REAL love, is Crusby, of course.

No matter all the crushes and boyfriends I've had over my years, I've never felt like this. This incredible. And I could go on and on for eons so I'll quit now. I just love him. There isn't a word strong enough.

** CREEPIEST sidenote of all time. I just looked up Tony Stefanski on Facebook...and found him. Ahhhhhhhh.


Nicole said...

i found my first grade crush on facebook too!
kyler rodabough.

Kelsey said...

I love that you are in love.

Nicole! Remeber how every girl was in love with him?
He was my first crush also:)

jade said...

Slime beneath you? Slime up above? Your toxic lurve?

Hippie Grandma said...
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