Thursday, January 27, 2011

day 3: mam n' pap

Such cuties.

1. Insanely good handyman. Carpenter, electrician, builds entire basements from scratch (like ours). So convenient and awesome to have around.
2. Loves classic rock and listening to music really loud.
3. Is always cheerful and makes the mood light.
4. Rides his bike everywhere and can outburp ANYONE.
5. Has the best loudest laugh.

1. Graphic designer. Thee most talented I have ever seen. Ever.
2. Some of my favorite days have been going shopping & then going to lunch. I LOVE mom dates. Plus, she's way fun to shop with and has fabulous style.
3. Tells really cheesey jokes that you just have to laugh at. You can't help it.
4. Can cook ANYTHING, and it is SO GOOD.
5. Has been through so much and is the strongest person I know.

They are like kids sometimes together. I love that they are so fun and spontaneous. I hope I can be like them someday and I admire both of them to no end. Lurve lurve lurve you guys!!!

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