Saturday, January 22, 2011

bat em, bat em good

I was at the rec center, you know, just lifting 200 pound weights with my biceps, when I looked at the telly and saw a commercial for this.

A drug, that makes your eyelashes grow?? I wonder if it really works. Check it out.

It looks like it does. And it looks natural. I'm intrigued. What a neat thing. Good ol' science. What will they think up next?


Kristiner said...

I saw someone who used it, and she swears by it being the best thing ever. Her lashes were amazing.

Nicole said...

okay okay, but did you hear the side effects on the commercial? it can discolor your eye and your eyelid and it "may be permanent", plus a few other scary things that made me never want to use it.

court said...

does the same thing.