Sunday, January 30, 2011

day 5: love def.

The question sought out by all of humanity that isn't extremely socially handicapped or hormone deficit. What is love? I think it is crazy. Just crazy. When you are in love you feel crazy. About everything. In the best fathomable way. Your insides are little squiggly worms. You can feel your carotid arteries thumping on your throat under the pressure of your crazy heart beating. Your breathing feels short when you imagine them cause of the giddiness. You want to buy them everything. And tie their shoelaces and button up their coat for them. You swell at the thought of their success and sink when they are upset. The minute you get into a fight you regret everything you said and only want things to be better again. The smell of their car makes you feel calm and their kisses make you explode inside. Every time. You ask them how they are because you genuinely want to know and their happiness is vitally important. There's no one else in the world except for the two of you. And you smile always. And when you aren't together, you feel like something is missing. There is a red light flashing in the back of your mind always reminding you of their gone-ness.


jessie said...

you described that so well.

lissa kate said...

this is beautiful.
you are beautiful too.