Friday, February 4, 2011

day 11: my bra. the sibling kind.

I have been excited to do this day.
I only have one sib. He is my brother Wyatt. If you say his name and stick out your tongue on the "wy" part and just hold it for a while before the "att", you will have a feel for how I say his name every time.
We are best frans. He is the perfect little bra.
He loves my clothes and takes after my music tastes. He loves Muse, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, The Fall of Troy, Sondre Lerche, Shiny Toy Guns, Crystal Castles, etc etc. It makes me so proud and makes me feel cool. And he's showed me Miike Snow and Islands, which are favorites.
He is an AAAAAAMAZING artist. Drawing, paint, graphic design, music. He has incredible things going for him. He could EXCEL! in anything art-related.
He has the best sense of humor. We think the EXACT same things are funny. Even though they are so dumb. It makes me glad that SOMEONE will laugh at them with me. No matter what. And whenever I see a youtube video or hear something funny, he is the first person I tell.
His best friend is a Russian and they are so mischievous. So awesome.
Fun story. One time he threw a book at me and it hit me in the eye and sliced it up 3 days before picture day. Such a fond memory now.
And one time. He got hit by a car. Maybe that story will be for another day.
He is the most laid-back person you will ever meet. He never gets mad at stuff and when he does he completely hides it.
I'm positive he would do anything for me.
The best parts of my childhood were with him. We LOVED beanie babies, pokemon, gameboys, legos, you name it. We used to go to my neighbor's house every day and take care of their kittens. And we played a game where we would run around the entire neighborhood with fake guns and kill each other for hours. We had so much fun. It was weird growing up and watching how I wasn't able to beat him up anymore as he started towering over me and growing huge muscles.
He is just the best. The coolest. Such a nice kid and good brother and friend. Love him. Oh and one more thing. He has quite the beard. Here are photoes of us doing neat things.



Cruisin' again.



Hangin' looze. This was today.

Oh, and he's sixteen. You don't believe me do you.

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