Saturday, February 5, 2011

day 12: in the bag.

I have this brown pleather bag that bought it probably 3 years ago from Forever 21 and it was exactly what I was looking for. And since then, I have tried other purses, but none compare to this one. My favorite is the over-the-shoulder strap. Shoulder strap = free hands and arms. Yes.
What's in her, you ask?
-One time I littered a small gum wrapper in a parking lot and from that moment forth Chris vowed to put every bit of trash that he possibly could find into my purse as punishment. There are still straw wrappers in there from him. And he keeps sending me paper shreds in his letters to put in there. Ridiculous.
-Camera (For all precious moments and other)
-A nifty pouch filled with bobbies, one jillion lip glosses, chappy, girly things, a backup mascara, and hand sanitizer.
-Ibuprofen (I find myself drug dealing QUITE frequently)
-Stride green flavor gum (thee best for blowing bubbles)
-Spare headphones
-Yellow iPod Nano

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Alexxx said...

Well now I know who to ask for gum and drugs! :) can keep the paper shreds.