Sunday, February 6, 2011

day 13: my week.

Last week.
Mondee: School then work.
Tuesdee: Took a retarded Biology test, destroyed my self esteem, email from Ging, school and work.
Wednesdee: School then work.
Thursdee: Worked out and killed myself and liked it, worked, got a fantastic happy letter from Ging.
Fridee: School all day, nearly exploded of stress during Chemistry, received not one, not two, but THREE letters in the mail, crazy dance party at night.
Saturdee: Slept in, worked all day, came home and wrote Chris and studied and slept.
Sundee: Studied, homeworked, cleaned, laundered, hated/doubted everything, ate til I felt sick and barely watched football.

I am starting to hate my life. Refer to above if you need explanation.
And today was nothing short of wretched. It is not a happy day.

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