Tuesday, February 8, 2011

day 14: what i wore again.

I really didn't wanna blog yesterday, so here's day 14.

HEAR ME OUT: Mirror pictures are already sooooooo myspace that I threw in the classic myspace look and peace sign as well for DOUBLE trouble. Aw yeah.

FUN FACT: I literally got this skirt for a penny. I had exactly 16 dollars left of my bonus Christmas money at work. My total was $16.01. I only paid one measly penny.

FUN FACT: This ENTIRE outfit is from Downeast.....I have become their slave. (Willingly.)

STORY TIME: Chris's email today was superb. So last week his companion Elder Shannon started peeing blood. Sick, right? So they got to LEAVE THE MTC and GO TO THE HOSPITAL cause it was that bad. They were sitting there and then some policemen came in and said something about suspicious noises IN THE CEILING. So they climbed up there. Then bout ten minutes later they hear an "emergency code red" type of message over the intercom. There was an ESCAPED CONVICT running around IN THE CEILING. Apparently he told the hospital workers that he needed to go to the bathroom and then climbed into the ceiling. The boyz were trapped in the hospital for two hours. The policemen even brought dogs in. And the convict ESCAPED. Insane. I say this with the absolute utmost sincerity that I possess when I say that THEEE CRAZIEST things ALWAYS happen to Chris. ALWAYS. It is bloody uncanny. I wish so hard that my life was that exciting. I seriously am stoked for the Russia stories. So, I am not surprised in the least that this occurred. Awesome to read about though. And E Shannon will be alright....they just have to go to the hospital a couple more times. (!!!!) So for the next week if anyone wonders where I am, I'm just lurking around at the hospital. So don't worry.

PS Jenna Dobry, it was just peachy seeing you today.


Diana said...

gahhhhh i heard about that!!! and it completely blew my mind! sounds like a movie, not real life.
i can't believe he was there.
that's freaking awesome.

kassie said...

First of all that is the coolest story I've ever heard.
Second you look like a freaking babe, just saying.
Third, I'm going to miss you a whole lot on Hosa.
K love you bye.