Wednesday, February 9, 2011

day 14: my dreamz.

Marry this crazy person

Live in Oregon somewhere near the coast

Be one of these with animals always surrounding me all over like this

Just any profession where I get to see/work with animals, really. Anything. I'd also love to do something in fashion.
I dream of being rich enough to go to New York and SHOP the days away. And owning a wardrobe filled with JCrew, Anthropologie and UO.
I dream of reading piles and piles and piles of books.
I also dream of meeting Sondre Lerche and JK Rowling and the men of MGMT.
I also want bout 3 (ginger) children, and a menagerie. I want cats. Dogs. Bunnies. Goats. Birds. Fish. A giant aquarium. So many freakin' fish cause I freakin' love them. And rodents. All of it. And I want, I NEED, CHUCKENS, WANDERING ALL OVER MY FRONT YARD.
And I wanna travel the world with Chris doing good things. And to grow old with my 11 best friends and rock on our porches til dusk discussing the wonders of life.
I want to die shortly after my hubz does, or vise versa. And to die satisfied. And go to heav. I'm excited.
It all BETTER come true.

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