Sunday, February 27, 2011

day 22: cry baby cry

I am really taking my time on this thirty days thing. Oh well, it's my blog and I CAN DO WHAT I WANT. Like skip day 21 cause I can't think of anything.

Day 22: What upsets me.
I get upset when people are mad at me and I'm just trying to make things better again but they just WON'T. I'm upset when I think I nail a test and actually get a 72% on it. I get upset when I see roadkill and I'm upset when I lose important things. I'm upset when I have to be patient but am going INSANE! And I'm upset when dumb things are out of my control. But I get over it. Sigh.

I saw this today:

Highly recommended. Go see it. It is like Taken and Salt all in one (and I love both of those). Besides. Liam Neeson has the most dramatic, epic voice of any human. You know it's true! I swear that is like 50% of why he is so good at being a bad-A in every movie. Kindof wish he was my dad or something.


Lindsey said...

Agreed. I wish I had a real job, or a boyfriend so I could do fun things like see movies.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mal, I work tomorrow and I hope you do to... cuz I saw Unknown this weekend also!!! And oh baby oh baby your makeup in this last photo is AMAZING! talk to you soon! - Amanda