Sunday, February 20, 2011


Lookie what I made!

Imagine the possumbilities.
Colors. Patterns. I'm super excited.

Wanna do it? Go here! How fun!

Today was a good day of gettin' lots of homework done and doin' some craffs and listenin' to the Pride and Prejudice sountrack. And reppin' the Motherland.

And this is just for fun.

I hope I manage to entertain someone with this stockpile of random.


Megham said...

YOU DID IT!!! It's a beauty! I listened to that soundtrack today as well it's just so relaxing and whimsically

court said...

i love your nail polish.

Hilary said...

That soundtrack is #1 listened to album on my ipod/itunes. I have the piano music and daily resolved to learn Liz on Top of the World again (I had it my senior year, then stopped playing and lost it).