Monday, April 18, 2011

blither blather

I was reading in Entertainment Weekly about Harry Potter part excited and so ready. It sounds like they changed up a few things at the end to make it even more intense and crazy. SPOILER ALERT like when Snape dies. Not in the Shrieking Shack. In some other place they invented that sounds neat. NICE. Oh also, did you know that Rupert Grint is an ice cream man? Hahahahahaha.

Chris and I saw Hanna and The King's Speech this weekend. Go see Hanna. Seriously. It is the strangest movie you will ever see but I LOVED IT.

Story: Last night I was craving a brownie sundae like you would not even believe. So I started to make brownies and had already added water and oil when I realized we were out of eggs. Frantically raced to Google. I read that you can use mashed up bananas as a substitute sometimes to "add moisture". So I tried it. Weirdest thing ever. The texture is so....odd. With the faintest taste of banana. Word of advice. Never do that.

Look at this and be happy:


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