Monday, May 16, 2011

these things are awesome

1. Wyatt downstairs laughing his head off while playing with Gary.

2. Esao Andrew's artwork. Creepy, but soooooo awesome.

3. Finishing both seasons of Arrested Development. Such a beautifully done show. I am sad.

(Lucille is my favorite.)

4. Jumping on all the circa 2007 bandwagons and starting to watch LOST.

5. I'm making these tonight.


7. Buying a Ratatat ticket this week like yeah.

8. Mustard colored shorts.

9. Dwight as manager.


jessie said...

ok, arrested development is the most genius show ever. that episode of the office was hilarious as well.

Bout3Bout4 said...

Oh my word. Arrested Development. The never nude just kills me.