Tuesday, August 30, 2011


i feel really excellent about school. i've made goals for myself. i will complete all homework assignments the day they are assigned. no more procrastinating. i will be on time. i will wake up on time. i'm going to kick chemistry where it counts. it's all working. all going according to plan. the people watching is exquisite. i love being in school with ginger again. i see him in the halls a lot and it is refreshing. everyone is wearing cute oxfords. i am actually looking forward to going tomorrow. i feel like i'm getting it all. i'm dodging expensive book prices left and right. i'm seeing lots of people that i know. i'm not falling asleep in class at 9 am. i'm going to bed at a decent time. i'm feeling accomplished. i didn't make a fool of myself on the first day of school, for once. i'm not on any wait lists. i avoided my horrific chem lab teacher from last semester. where did all this motivation come from? please, please stay. i'm just so glad. so glad. i hope your first two days of school were good too.

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