Sunday, August 28, 2011

gettin' mah craft onnn

tonight i was in the crafting zone.
so, i have these flats. they are black with white polka dots. i haven't worn them in years and they are soooooo....ugly. just ugly and weird. so I revamped them. inspired by the cutest pair of shoes i have ever seen in my life that i saw probably 3 years ago in urban outfitters.

many moons ago, forever 21 had all these little bags of doodads like broken or mismatched earrings or jewels for 99 cents. i bought 3 bags because they were prime for crafting. they have served me well.

i took apart one of the earrings in there and look at these cute little pieces.

before & after! feathered and glammed. (i just wish the feathers weren't polka dot. they blend in.) (actually, the more i look at it, the more i dislike it. time to put these shoes in the trash heap where they belong and get presentable ones to feather up.)

and i made these pretties.

perfect for hair or as a brooch. FUN. ps. hobby lobby has an entire feather aisle. i am hitting that up soon.

and now i am going to bed far, far earlier than i have in months because school starts tomorrow. see you next summer, creatures of the night!!

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