Monday, August 22, 2011


I miss Washington. Every summer my family goes on a trip. This year we went to Seattle. I miss being away from everything and becoming one with madre nature. And it was so gorg and filled with fun times.


Kayaked in the ocean and camped on an island.

Explored Olympic National Park.

Took a long walk on the beach.

Entered the land of Twilight.

Peaced out Mt. St. Helens.

And walked about Seattle.

"Mom, do you think a raccoon will attack me in my tent if I keep chapstick in there?"
" a risk you will have to take."

"If you see a bear, yell out a warning like, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA."

"Why is it okay for the elk to pick the leaves off of bushes but when I do it I get in trouble?"
"Because the elk..are democrat. And you are not."

Good company.

Oh. And did I mention that my cat had her kittens THE DAY AFTER we left?? Absolutely maddening. Oooooh are they cute.

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