Monday, September 5, 2011


can i just say, that i love my bff hannah. tonight we were both bored so she came to my house and we pet kitties and talked about boys. doesn't every girl need a friend like that? i think so. i have a feeling that hannah and i will be best friends for our whole lives. my children will call her auntie and we will be those moms that all the other moms hate because we just can't grow up. when we are old women we will cackle away tormenting the neighbor children and sheltering ten cats and wearing enormous bloomers. also, we have so very much in common. we just relate. and i appreciate that. i also appreciate that she can spend 2 hours happily in forever 21 with me. a rare, unmatched quality. plus she is up for any crazy idea that either of us can come up with. like being polygamists for halloween.

we dance like fools. we laugh about stupid things and make ugly faces. she is just fun. loads and loads of fun and i luurve her. hats off to you my dear.

(i'm athinking that this should be a weekly thing...a weekly hero/admired/loved person. i shall supply a picture where applicable and write some reasons why that person is just great. i like it.)


Batash said...

Woah hey that last pics at my wedding! I feel special. You guys are both so pretty.

Lindsey said...

I love duh too!! Miss you both tons.