Wednesday, October 26, 2011


fall break was the bomb. hannah, alexis and i drove down to st. george to spend four days with our dixie ladies. SO MUCH FUN was had.

upon our arrival we quickly made our way to the nearest cafe rio and feasted heartily. we then entered dixie campus and attended geology class. boy was it great. mind you, all 6 of us walked in ten minutes late, and half of us were people the professor had never seen before. he didn't even care. he is the ultimate nerd. lindsey thinks he is the worst but i want him so badly to be my grandpa.

the next day we went to the town animal shelter and walked dogs. this is a hyperactive pitbull puppy. she was cute.

they had a whole room full of kitties for us to fawn over too. i wanted them all. this guy had a cataract in his eye and it made him look evil. but he was the cutest of all cutes.

i'm not sure why this orange kitty had the sudden urge to biff this one in the face. it made for a good photo though.

alexis. "look sad at the kitten."

we also ventured to dixie rock. what a viiiiew.

and we squeezed through a crack.

before we left, we played at the spinny park. it is the best park around. but it was really hot so we mostly just sat in the shade and watched each other make fools of themselves.

we also
carved punkins
bought a ton of tattoos (pronounced tuh-ttoos like the british) and everyone got tramp stamps
went to a scary cornmaze
went to denny's at midnight
called everyone "bro"
watched skittles singing bunny and he man over and over, and sang them wherever we went
played apples to apples in every restaurant we went to
ate delicious brownies and chocolate nonstop
painted piggy and kitty banks
went caving again
swam and sunbathed at a pool which we snuck into
hot tubbed at a pool which we snuck into
watched "bridesmaids" (FUNNY)

and we got to witness this!! by far one of thee most insane things i have ever seen in my life. so scary.



Lindsey said...

Side bar: we found out on Tuesday that our Geography teacher is going to be 70 next year. INSANE! Senior bowling has kept him in tip top shape.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

awww cute pictures. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. =)