Sunday, October 30, 2011

kick of the week.

i get on such music kicks. for about a week i listen to one band because i just can't get enough. this week it's coldplay.

not just cause of the new album (which is amazing). hannah gave me "a rush of blood to the head" about a week ago, which i haven't listened to for a super long time. and now i just can't stop listening. coldplay was one of my very first music loves (along with the killers). my love has been rekindled.
my favorite songs:

paradise (mylo xyloto) (amazing. if you have to listen to one song on the new album, this is it.)
in my place (a rush of blood to the head)
the scientist (a rush of blood to the head)
yes (viva la vida)
x&y (x&y)

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jessie said...

yep. coldplay and killers were my first music loves too.