Monday, October 31, 2011

spooks & catz.

ladies and gents. today is a very sad day. we gave up the last of the little guys. i had to bid farewell to this little fluffball.

i may have cried my eyes out about it for a good while. such a cute little kitty. gah. i just wanted to keep them all.
on a lighter note. WE ARE KEEPING CARL!!!

i am so joyous about this. carl is my little babe and has been my pal from the beginning. so glad we're keeping her. she's just the best.
so ends the kitten era at my house. 'cept we still have carl. but what a fun time it was. i'm going to miss those little guys.

i am going to be a cheetah. it was inspired by this awesome makeup which i am going to attempt.

now go party your pants off, all you demons!! i am stoked to see pictures of everyone's costumes.

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