Wednesday, November 2, 2011


every day until thanksgivins, i shall post what i am thankful for. you should too.

yesterday, i was thankful for my mom's cupcakes. every week she makes a new kind. it is fantastic. someday she will have her own confectionary. my buns and thighs quiver with fright for that day. but it's just fine. if you have any whacky cupcake ideas, let me know. we have a whole list that she's going to cook up, like cinnamon roll, pina colada, and banana cream pie. my mom rocks.

today, i am grateful for chapstick. i would probably marry chapstick if the chance presented itself. if i was stuck on a desert island and could have 5 things, chapstick would be on that tiny list. without a doubt. i feel so genuinely bad for tom hanks in cast away. how did he survive without chapstick that long? i would have cut my lips off with that ice skate after a few chapstick-less hours if i were him. while he was probably thinking about how much he missed his wife and how he could build a shelter to survive the night, i would be thinking about how i could kill myself because my lips were chapped. tom hanks has a much stronger soul than i. and better priorities.

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