Sunday, November 6, 2011


more thanks!

i'm thankful for my chance to go to school. that i can afford it and that i have a university 15 minutes from my house. i really do love going to school. i hate homework and failing at tests, yes. but i do love it. i can tell that my mind has expanded. i have learned so much and matured. i think in a completely different way than i used to. do you know what i mean? sometimes i surprise myself. it's weird and fantastic. thanks college.

i'm grateful for my job at downeast. i have worked there over two years now and there's a reason for that. it's flexible and fun and i work with the BEST people. seriously, i love them all. am so lucky to have this great job and to work with such lovely people. i've had gooood times there. lots of laughs and learning experiences. and, my bulging closet is very happy. such a plus.

finalmente, i am ever so grateful for my pets. i love those little animals far more than humans a lot of the time. eddy, the doggy to which the concept of anger or hate has never occured to and acts like you are the greatest thing in the world every time you come home. my pal gary who is crazier than a barrel of monkeys and cracks me up on a daily basis. carl, our new little kittlet who is the cutest blue-eyed cross-eyed thing you will ever lay eyes upon. and arthur, my fish, ads so much spice and chi to my room and who's vibrant color is unto a majestic rainbow. i love these guys.

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