Monday, October 3, 2011

just a few things.

this cracked me up:

you guyz. my history teacher is professor umbridge. listen.
first of all, she is this short stout little woman with a short haircut.
second, she is a super sweet lady, and when you answer a question she says "yeah! yeah! that's right!" like you are 5 years old but makes you feel really proud of yourself.
but oh heavens. take heed and watch your back. if she catches you talking while she is lecturing, she turns beastly. her little smile vanishes and she says something along the lines of "REALLY girls, can you be quiet please!!" really loudly, and they will stop talking, and then her little smile will pop right back on like magic and she does this creepy little giggle and goes right back to teaching. it is downright astonishing. minus, she doesn't wear freaky pink clothes, and i have seen no signs of cat fetish. but let me tell you, i wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she popped a ceramic cat figurine up on her neat little podium one of these days.

chris and i have three episodes of lost left. THREE. of the entire blasted thing. and we have had no time to just finish the deed. i am going bonkers. bonkers i tell you. ps. i love desmond, and i really hope he survives.

i miss free time. and my ginger.

and that is all that is in my head.

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