Friday, November 25, 2011

a dilemma.

if you have seen breaking dawn, maybe you saw the preview for the new movie that my danny boy is in. i must see it. i mean, it's my main man dan radcliffe!!! the only problem is, it looks like the scariest crap ever. i am deathly afraid at night just from seeing the preview. i am the worst with scary movies. it has been...5 years since i have seen the ring, and i am still scared to close my eyes in the shower sometimes and i run shrieking in terror whenever i see a well in haunted cornmazes. i really don't care much about murderers or clowns or rapists or real things that can hurt and kill me. it's the freakkin ghosties!!! they terrify me to the depths of my soul. but i must know: will dan, being the courageous and valiant man he is, overcome the demons and creepy little ginger girls? also, why are gingers always the creepiest things in scary movies? should i risk heart attacks and lack of sleep and having to use a nightlight to see the dang movie?! heavens ta betsy dan, why couldn't you be in another happy movie to save me the trouble and sanity.

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jessie said...

i watched that trailer and had goosebumps for like an hour. and daniel is looking great.