Tuesday, December 6, 2011

good things lately

1 CARL (the kittlet that burrows into the blankets and swims around my legs all night, and wakes me up by biting my face and/or neck and hogs the precious heating pad all to herself. we are best friends.)

2 oreo cake pops, for megan abel's bridal shower. they were good, and the shower rocked. i got free panties. yes yes yes!

4 h&m three times since opening like yeah.

5 finals approaching, which means that school is ALMOST OVER.

life is good!

1 comment:

Lost&Found said...

Your cat and my cat sound identical. Frankie, my fur baby, loves to burrow and pass out for hours! Whenever we can't find her we know to look under all the blankets!

Hope your having a great week!