Wednesday, January 25, 2012

catharsis at its finest.

well, me and chris went and saw breaking dawn tonight. in my defense, i didn't exactly have to drag him. he gave his consent some time ago. he thinks taylor lautner is a not very good actor. and i think. well. he makes up for it in other ways. am i right ladies? and then i thought. why is this world suddenly obsessed with vampires?! there is an entire vampire section in barnes and noble's JUST WEIRD!

and now i have just finished the eragon series and i am just absolutely miserable. i mean, the ending was so perfect but so bloody sad and you know that feeling when you are about to finish a book you love and are filled with a dreadful feeling knowing it's all over soon!? and then you finish a book and you feel so empty!!?? akin to a plastic bag drifting through the wind?? no, sorry katy perry, i will never feel like that. but you know. i can't stop thinking about it and such and a tear or two sneaked their way out of my eye. i love those books. so much.
you know what. i might have to sit through the movie to placate myself. that wretched movie. i have never seen a worse book-to-movie transition. but these are desperate times.
i want somebody to re-do them. they absolutely have lord of the rings potential.

okay. enough.
now carl is burrowing around in my blankets and biting my toes. the madness never ends.

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