Monday, January 2, 2012


my grandparents took us to a dude ranch for christmas. did you know that there are more cattle in florida than in any other state?! that put things into perspective for me because when you think of dude ranch, you think texas or montana....or something. i did. anyways, a grand time was had.

we stayed in a cabin.

we went to a rodeo. i had never been to one before. MAN was it AMERICAN!

we went on an airboat ride on the kissimmee river, which was my favorite thing.

gators EVERYWHERE! baby ones too. and huge turtles on logs. and gigantic white herons.

we went to the petting zoo. goats running amok.

they were all pregnant. an employee told us, "they are like rats".



and we went on a christmas eve hayride, sang christmas carols, then went to a barbecue after.



Amanda said...

That picture after the chickens made me laugh so hard!! hahahahahahaha! Love it!

mardiiiii said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i was cracking up.