Saturday, January 7, 2012

hp world

my parents asked my brother and i where we wanted to go for christmas. i said harry potter world. and they said okay and did it!! i have the best parents.
so, HARRY POTTER WORLD. we went on december 28th and it was amaaaaaaaaaazing. SO true to the books and movies. down to every detail. it was fantastic. when i saw the castle i started screaming "MOM MOM OH MY GOSH THE CASTLE OH MY GOSH MOM!!!!!" i felt like the ultimate japanese tourist taking a billion photos of every little thing but i could not help it. i was living the dream folks. my childhood dream. let me give you a tour via photos. then get your little hineys down to florida and experience it yourself. sooo incredible!!

we are just THRILLED.

BUTTERBEER. get in my belly. i had 2. it kind of tastes like root beer, cream soda, and ginger ale all mixed, and then it has this super thick sugary frothy stuff on top that is amazing. there was also pumpkin juice, which tasted like pumpkin pie in a cup and was scrumptious.

the three broomsticks!! spectacular inside, and delicious food.

the hog's head

butterbeer carts. these things were lined up forever and they were filling cups as fast as they could. oh, and we went on the busiest day. of the entire year. so sick of people.

waiting in line for the ride in the castle. funny story. on the ride, you stop in front of a huge dragon that blows hot steam at you. well, the ride stopped while we were on it. right in front of the dragon. it blew hot steam on my poor mother for probably a full 30 seconds. funniest. thing. of all times. she was screaming and screaming and part laughing and i was absolutely dying laughing. also, we waited in line for 2 1/2 hours to get on. so then when we got off the ride, this guy was like "since the ride stopped, if you would like to ride it again, come through here." he let us into this secret door and we got right back on!!! we could have done it 3+ times, but i felt toooo queasy. stupid body.


they wouldn't allow "loose items" on the ride so we tied my precious souvenir cup to wyatt's belt, and then used it to hold change and cell phones and whatever.


inside the castle: house points

talking portraits that really did talk!!

the pensieve. i wish i would have taken a hundred more photos of the castle because it was all exactly like the movies. they even had a huge replica of dumbledore's office that you walked through with all the whirligigs and gadgets on the wall, and a video projection of albus himself talking to you.

up to dumbledore's office

buckbeak on the flight of the hippogriff rollercoaster

my snape keychain, that i love

hagrid's hut!

honeydukes!! i should have taken more pictures of this too...there were chocolate frogs and sugar quills and fizzing whizbees and bertie bott's beans and every harry potter treat you can imagine!

there you have it. mischief managed.


Nicole said...

in honeydukes they had candies called dolly squares and my mom, sister and i got some everyday we went to harry potter world. the best.
also, let's have lunch and talk soon.

jessie said...

it's the happiest place on earth