Friday, February 17, 2012


i have been doing this insane thing. it is called the 1000 pushup challenge. over 10 days you do 100 pushups a day. not all at once, just whenever you have 30 seconds. when you wake up, before you leave for school, after you brush your teeth, etc. i have only done it for one day and my entire upper body + abs are killer sore. you should try it. i feel great. it's working and it's so simple.

i have also been doing this treadmill workout i found on pinterest. it is the perfect length and just the right level difficulty.

and the 100 workout is fabulous.

it's good to switch things up. if you need ideas at the gym, i endorse these.
i am going to be ripped and toned for the cruise. ripped. and. toned. and it feels so good.

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