Sunday, February 19, 2012

it's times like these when i just wish i was braindead.

well folks, i did it. i saw the woman in black. even though i told myself a thousand times i wouldn't. but then i thought, i can just close my eyes. i bet i could stand it. stupid stupid stupid. it is 2:30 am and my boyfriend has left me all alone with my stupid brain that is like "hey. remember that one part? and that other part?" and the best thing is, i didn't even see the scary stuff. my eyes were closed. yet i'm still freaking out over the little things i did see. i hate myself right now. i need at least 10 nightlights in my room. actually i'll just sleep with the overhead light on. dan was dashing in it though. he was the only reason i saw it. now please dan. be in nicer movies from now on.

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{Just} Sara said...

i felt the exact same way!! it always gets me in the middle of the night! but I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite blog. i read the title and i was hooked. anstr