Saturday, March 3, 2012

bowties and other great things.

these days have been full of
-bear grylls
-double ear infections: cat edition
-staying up to record late times on school nights
-getting locked outside in blizzards
-figuring out finally how to do my hair straight
-wanting an iphone

also, don't you just love bowties? anyone looks good in a bowtie. observe.

classy boyfriend.

classy (and excruciatingly incredibly adorable) kitten.

i can't decide which picture i like better. isn't that terrible of me?
(yes, mardi. i stalked your instagram.)
if you were wondering, am i going to be putting a bowtie on my carly kitty? yes. yes i am.

1 comment:

mardiiiii said...

cuttest thing ever.
you're welcome to stalk my instagram anytime.