Wednesday, February 15, 2012

i got a valentine from EVERY lunchlady.

valentine's day is one of my favorites. i have never been a valentine grinch and never will. it's just such a fun pink red and heart-shaped time, wouldn't you say? i love valentine's day so much that one time in elementary school my mom was going to take me to see the OLYMPICS on valentine's day, but i chose to go to school and pass out valentines and make a valentine box instead. okay. i regret that decision and it was a very stupid and ridiculous thing in hindsight. and i really wish i could see how those athletes survive that freestyle ski jump in real life. but at least i got my freakin valentines alright!! valentine's day is even better when you have mustached valentine as sweet as mine. we kept it simple this year. i loved it.

i made him this craft:

thank you pinterest. (i owe my life to pinterest by now.) i absolutely loved doing it. i could easily have filled out dozens and dozens more cards, i just love that boy so!
here she is.
he loved it.

then we shopped for supplies and made terrariums.

so much fun. i am excited for summer when home depot will be crawling with all of those baby cacti and succulents so we can make these....there were slim pickins in these cold winter months. chris's terrarium looks exponentially more pretty and professional than mine....but mine were tender young venus fly trap babies so they still have to grow okay!

and then we went to the cheesecake factory as promised. SO GOOD.
such a good time.

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Kelsey said...

I love everything about this. To be honest, I want to squish both of your faces because you two are so adorable. Does that sound creepy? Yes. But It needed to be said. Amen.