Monday, February 13, 2012

the dream of the nineties is alive in portland.

has anyone seen portlandia? heavens ta betsy, it is a hoot and a half. it is a show dedicated to making fun of hipsters. if you have netflix, get your bum over to the tv and go watch it the 6 episodes. it is so weird and funny. my favorite thing is the bookstore called "women and women first" run by two hippie feminists wearing indigenous pantsuits.

"this is not some back-alley, hooker pimp transaction."
"do i look like a pimp to you?"
"when a man pulls out money, away from a register, i have to wonder."

it is so great.


Bout3Bout4 said...

Oh my cuss. This is the best show ever. "cacao"

steph said...

OH MY LANTA nick and i watch this daily! we've almost seen all the episodes. my favorite is in the design/art building where the director is trying to get her to "come up for a meeting" and she runs all over the building and gets into a large bird's nest that just floats away. i laughed SO HARD. i'm so glad i'm not the only one!!