Monday, February 13, 2012


this song

and this one

so dang good. can't stop listening.

i want an iphone so bad. because of three things. 1. instagram. 2. "cat effects" app. (allows you to choose from dozens of cats to put all over your pictures.) 3. iphone cases. like this.

(all from uo printshop)

someday i'm going to paint a picture of a lion with the skillz i learned in college. like this.

so gorge. (thanks to pinterest) i am developing such a liking towards those big cats. they are beautiful.

so excited for valentine's day. i love the excuse to wear shades of pink and loud lipstick. and to eat giant chocolate toads filled with gummy bugs and other ridiculous candy. PLUS, like, three months ago, i made chris promise he would take me to the cheesecake factory on valentine's day. and so it is written, so it shall be done!!

i didn't watch the grammys. chris and i did homework and harassed each other. i can't stand itchy sweaters and whatnot. i've got stupidly sensitive skin. he has this wool blanket that, to me, feels like you are swaddling yourself building insulation and/or sandpaper, and he thinks it is hilarious to try to sneak up and wrap me in it. so my night consisted of him being a sneak and me running away. love that boy. he gave me one of his favorite shirts and i have worn it all day. it smells divine. he is the best.

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