Wednesday, April 11, 2012

when i am 65.

my health professor gave us the extra credit option of writing a page about what we think we'll be like when we are 65 years old. i love that man. he is about 74 himself, if i did the math correctly. he said, "don't make it boring!" so of course i took the 20 free points and ran with it. care to take a glimpse into hypothetical 65 year old mallory? (honestly i don't care what i'm like, i just hope i'm married and not morbidly obese & sedentary. am i right?)

By the time I am 65 years old, I hope that I will have been successful enough in my adult life to be living a comfortable lifestyle. I doubt I will be retired because, let’s be honest, the economy here in America is requiring a bit more than a bunch of old people sitting around and doing nothing after the age of 65 nowadays. It’s a sad reality, but if I’m doing something I love, it wouldn’t be bad at all. If all goes according to plan, I will be a veterinarian or working with animals somehow because that’s the career I see myself loving and doing for the rest of my life.

I will be married and very happily so. My husband and I will be that adorable old couple that people always take pictures of holding hands and laughing with each other in their old age. We will set a precedent for young people and they will say, “Gee, I really hope I’m that cute and happy when I’m older!” My husband and I will be very well traveled and will have several adorable grandchildren whose rooms will be filled with various trinkets that we’ve brought them from around the world. Our house doesn’t have to be an enormous castle; we’ll have a modest home just as long as it is by the ocean and with lots of trees and the sea breeze will keep us young.

If I turn out at all like my grandmother, I will be a very put together old lady. I don’t think that getting older is an excuse to stop taking care of yourself. In fact, I think I’ll continue to love fashion and style all through my life and with age, my sense of style will grow exponentially instead of decreasing. I will wear bright lipstick and have a foxy, spiky haircut and wear enormous jewels and loud colors. I’ll flaunt my wrinkles! I’ll have all kinds of hobbies like gardening and sewing and I’ll do water aerobics and yoga with all of my best friends that I will have grown old with. I hope I will sit on a comfortable chair by the beach and read book after book all day long. And I will be perfectly happy having 10 cats, fitting the stereotype perfectly.

It seems like so many old people that I’ve met are grumpy, confused and falling apart. I have always vowed never to be like that. I’m going to everything I can to be happy. I’ll be put together, be living comfortably, have great style and take good care of myself. Why should I do anything less?

cheers to old people!!

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