Thursday, May 24, 2012

some late things

officially worst blogger ever right here. hhhhhhhhhhh.
well here's some things that i've failed to blog about for over a MONTH. so terrible.
-school's out and summer's here and i'm ecstatic. i've already been wearing my new sandals to death and got my seven peaks pass burning a hole in my pocket.
-california/the cruise. was. amazing. more deets later and probs a few pics. (there were way too many shortened words in that sentence)
-i'm obsessed with lana del rey. where had she been all my life? nonstop repeat for weeks and definitely going to be my summer soundtrack. i love her.
-i finished a book called 'the book thief'. it was SO good. although it caused me to cry pathetically alone in my room and have freaky deaky dreams about nazis and hitler coming after me, i super recommend it. also, i've got a large stack of unread books in my room and i am so excited to have time to read them.
-air conditioner in my car is broken, and it's going to be bout $700 to fix. kill me.
-i loved the avengers. mostly it made me think this. holy cats. robert downey junior is a wonderful man. and also, i have strong reasons to believe mr. and mrs. hemsworth are gods cause they gave birth to such perfect boys. who would you pick: chris or liam? that's probably the most difficult question on the planet.
-i've turned nocturnal again.
-there are very, very exciting things ahead, my peeps. but i'm not going to say anything until things are set in stone.
ok. that's all i can think of for now.

(picture from our california trip)


Meg said...

get married already.

Ben and Linds said...

I'm just going to take a shot in the dark.....

robyn.fitts said...

if LDR comes in concert,
we ARE going.