Monday, June 18, 2012

times they are a-changin.

this weekend i worked my very last shift at downeast. what the heck? it's so freaking weird to leave. and very sad. but it was definitely time to move on. i worked there for 3 years. 3 long years of fun and craziness. i loved it and i loved the people i worked with so much and i learned a ton.
but, one door closes, another one opens. i'm starting my new job tomorrow. i'm not very nervous. and i think that's because i'm so ready for this change and have been for so long. i felt like i was in a rut for the longest time. like i was stuck. so you know what i did? i decided to change. and now look. i've quit my job i've had for eternity and got a new one. and i'm going to ukraine! it's nuts. this whole next year is going to be nuts. lots of growing up is going to happen. it feels real good.

hope you all had a good father's day. dads rock. i made two cakes today. and ate some of both of them. so i'd say that's a good day. not even counting the fact that it's also my wonderful boyfriend's birthday. he's twenny oooooone. 
he makes life so dang good. he's my sunshine. i love the crud out of him and that is that.

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