Friday, June 22, 2012

trash tv.

so, i started watching the bachelorette because the ladies at my work were talking all about it and i needed to catch up with this hilarity. i've never watched it or the bachelor before and my conclusion is that it's kindof REALLY ridiculous and terrible like unto a train wreck that you can't look away from. it kills me. so now i am officially caught up on all the episodes (thank you some notes.

ryan is the biggest toolbag i've ever set eyes on. trophy wife here, trophy wife there...and did anyone catch how chris said he spends 3 HOURS getting ready?!? how did emily not catch on to his d-baggery in the first 5 minutes of being in his presence? SO glad he's gone. and that freaky white girl's tank top that he wore last episode was ghastly. way to go out with a bang ryan.

i adore jef. he is adorable to the max and dresses supremely. but he is such a hipster. definitely not for emily. i can easily picture her with a guy like ryan, honestly, which is why i think she kept him around that long. cause she likes the nasty ryan types. everything jef says, she says "awww" right after. like she thinks he's a cute little kitten or something. she can never love him.

i could never be on this show. never. i'd completely ruin it. they'd have to cut me out of every shot laughing my head off. just at everything.

why do they never eat on the dates?? such a waste of all the fine cuisine. got to keep emily thin though. cause she's a trophy wife and all. ps, her veneers are obnoxious.

so anyways, if she had any sense she'd pick arie. sean is a very acceptable second choice. but arie. shoot guuuuuuuurl, he is FINE.

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Meg said...

I vote Mallory for the next bachelorette.