Wednesday, August 1, 2012

д ж л ф ш and э

I'm leaving in 26 days for Kiev and my Russian-speaking boyfriend has given me this wonderful book with children's illustrations in it so I can learn the Cyrillic alphabet. I've learned an extremely useful phrase which is "How's it going, homeless man?"

I've decided that I would love to live in San Francisco. Right now it's sounding better than Oregon/Washington coast and that's saying something.

Pet peeve: When people take pictures of their babies with food all over their mouth/hands/body and absolutely gush over how adorable it is. Call me crazy, but I just don't find spaghetti sauce mixed with drool and noodle bitlets and snot smeared all over your kid's face hair and chest cute. In the slightest. 

I have nothing cool to post about or instagram about or anything because all I do is work and sleep. But I think this picture will make up for it a little bit. 

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jenna said...

my brother served his mission in Kiev, that's so cool you are going there!