Thursday, January 17, 2013

Current obsessions.

> Leggings, all day e'ery day. (I may rescind my loyalty to the "leggings aren't pants" club...they're just so much better than pants, in every way.)

> My electric blanket that I got for Christmas. I honestly couldn't tell you how I survived every previous winter without it.

> My mom's homemade bruschetta.

> Imagine Dragons. (Who isn't obsessed though.) (I just want to listen to Radioactive every second on the second. Sue me.)

> Thick wooly infinity scarves. And leather jackets.

> The Bachelor. I'm a bit ashamed...

> The Lord of the Rings movies. I watched Return of the King yesterday and cried at the end. CRIED. What is this nonesense?

> Sleepytime tea before bed.

> The Pacific Northwest. Get me there now.

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