Thursday, January 10, 2013


SUUUUPPPP everybodaaay??

So, lots of people have been asking me "How was Ukraine??"
While we were there, the girls & I thought about making a flowchart to hand out to people when they asked this question. The flowchart would have things like
"If you REALLY want to know about how was Ukraine, go here"
"If you want to hear about my kids, go here"
"If you want a short answer, go here"
"If you think I was actually in Russia.....just toss this flowchart in a trashcan somewhere"
Stuff like that.

But I'll just give you the short answer. Going to Ukraine was the best decision of my entire life, and I say that with complete seriousness.
Basically it's like this

Everyone should have experiences like I did.
It should be required to growing up. Just like college or getting a job. 
You just learn so much and change so much and see things you never knew existed and it opens up your brain to a whole new state of mind.

I'll keep this brief, but if you want to know anything else about it, please let me know! 

Here are a couple of pictures

Now you have a wonderful day. And cheers to the hopes that I can start blogging regularly again...we'll see.

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