Sunday, May 16, 2010


Morp - the rewind dance of Prom. Twas yesterday. As it was the last dance of our high school career (!!!), everyone went except Kelsey Brit and Shaelee :( It was such a fun time!!

Pirate Island. Chris n' I. Matchy matchy.

Hannah n' North.

Ham n' Shad.

Sharon n' Taylor.

Meggie. Where'd Douggie go??

I think my boyfriend is 4 and maybe I'm 5.

Rachel n' Jordan.

And then we went midnight bowling. Me and Hannah had to buy men's socks for an outrageous 3 DOLLARS out of a vending machine!!!!!! DISGUST!

Such an awesome picture.


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Lindsey said...

bahaha, I really did not think I actually made it in that picture. I was putting a lot of effort trying to, as you can tell.