Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"is that vin diesel?!?! oh, no, it's just bruce willis."

Last night, tweens and crazed women of the world banded together to see ECLIPSE unveiled in all of its sparkling vampire glory, me, Sharon, Ham, Hannah, Rachel, and Chris (haha) included. Glorious it was. I am not, by a long shot, one of those insane Twilight fanatics that have to be constantly reminded that the books aren't real. But, I had my fair share of obsessing over them when I first discovered them in ninth grade. And I've read all of them a few times over. So I am a fan. And Eclipse was fantastic. Critique?

Edward: Always loved him, always will. It makes me sad when people say they hate him or he's ugly (he's not.). He's what made me fall in love with the books. Even Sharon, who does NOT like Robert Pattinson, said that she liked him in this movie. When he fights Victoria. It is insane. Team Edward, baby. That is all.

Jacob: Lovable. Hilarious.

Jacob's bod: Chiseled to perfection.

Fight scenes: Intense. Even better with Emmett kicking trash. Yumm-y.

Awkward moments: They are apparently required by law to throw plenty of those into every movie.

Unnecessary facial close-ups: Plenty of those, too.

Jacob and Bella cuddling in the tent in the blizzard with Edward right there: "It's like Brokeback Mountain!"

Jasper and Rosalie's flashbacks were fantastic. The fight between Riley, Edward, and Victoria was so cool. I liked Leah and Seth. The music was grand. Riley was tasty. When Edward proposed and everyone in the theater cheered, I liked that. And my favorite part of the whole movie: "...just face it. I AM hotter than you."

Oh, it is also worth going to see the movie to see the new HARRY POTTER 7 previews on the big screen. I CAN'T WAIT.

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Lindsey said...

I finally saw that movie tonight. I actually really enjoyed the second movie, but this one....this one just crushed all my hopes and dreams that it was going to get better.
Twilight saga, you torture me.
Crossing my fingers the last one will make up for it.