Sunday, June 27, 2010


Today I was examining a perfectly rectangular cut on my elbow when I was hit with a huge wave of nostalgia. Why? Because that cut is an abrasion on the distal region of my cubital hinge. And how do I know that? Because of Hosa. I joined Hosa my senior year because I am a huge nerd. I love medicine. I also love competing. And part of Hosa is going to state competition in March.

Me, Hannah, and Kelsey joined Hosa together and decided to participate in Hosa Bowl. It is an event where you form a team of 4 and learn absolutely everything there is to know about medicine. I had a full binder of packets filled with every question you could imagine. I learned it all. And I felt so incredibly smart.

So after practicing with Mr. Jackman (the health science teacher at the high school) and his facilitator Laura every B-Day lunch for about two months, we were practically doctors. Our minds were filled with phagocytosis and phimosis, cerumen and scabies. We knew all about Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Hobbs. We went to state competition in Layton and spent two days there.

We didn't win our competition, but we breezed through three rounds and won by a landslide in those. We lost to the team that won the entire thing. So we didn't feel so bad. It was the funnest thing I did all year.

During the competition I got to meet Nicole Darias. I love the girl to death. She is so smart and so witty. We had the privilege to have her on our team.
During competition, Kelsey and I also ran a 5K without even practicing for it.
AND we impressed SO many people.
AND we got super duper smart.
AND we went swimming and went to Cracker Barrel and did whatever we wanted for 2 days when we weren't competing.

So, back to my nostalgia. I thought of the day today and realized that some of the other kids from Pleasant Grove that were in Hosa are in ORLANDO FLORIDA right now at Nationals because they placed first in their event. They are probably in Harry Potter land right now as I speak.

And my other point is, if you are a junior or sophomore and have any interest in medicine, SIGN UP FOR HOSA. It was SO much fun. And if you win, which can be easy in a lot of the events, you could get the chance to go to Florida and just hang out for six days.

Nicole won 3rd place in state for her Nutritional Knowledge event.
Our Hosa bowl team placed 5th in state. Out of about 32 other teams, we were FIFTH!!

Just thought I'd share that because those were good times. I'd do it all over again. So maybe you should do it. If you can. And live my dream. Hah.

The fingerprints are on the papillary skin layer.
medical jokes. har har har.


shweedaburger said...

I must agree. Hosa was one of my favorite things this year. I still don't know how I placed fourth in Forensics, I'll figure that out one day. Oh, and medical jokes are the best. You're really smart, you made me study for the tests even harder in medical anatomy. Good job.

Nicole said...

hahahaha how i love your guts.
i just got back from florida by the way.
it was fun, but would've been a heck of a lot more fun if you had been there.
plus i placed in the top ten in nationals.
just thought i'd throw that out there..