Friday, July 2, 2010

picture this.

You wake up in the morning, staring absently at your ceiling, when you notice there is a large black something wedged in the angle where the wall and ceiling meet. A lurker. Just waiting to hop down your throat as you sleep.

You take a shower and come back and it's gone.

Later that night, everyone in your house is asleep. It is deathly quiet. It is 11:30.

You are reading the creepiest and most suspenseful part of The Hunger Games.

You are overall thoroughly creeped out. You are skittish and the slightest noise makes you jump.

You get quietly up to go to the piddly diddly department. Your senses are on full alert because of your creeped out-ness. And see something move out of the corner of your eye. You look toward your closet and there is a grotesquely massive black spider crawling on the door. Probing the door with its hairy black legs. Hideously long hairy black legs.

You jump backwards and let out a terrified and aggravated noise. It is slinking up towards the top of the door. You can't take your eyes off it. You finally regain your legs and run to the bathroom. Yank an exaggerated amount of toilet paper off the roll. And run back.

It is gone.

You slide the door over and slowly, very slowly, peek inside to look at the back of the door. Nothing.

You look at the wall. Nothing.

You look at the floor and see a black pushpin in the carpet and nearly faint. Oh. Not a spider.

You sit on your bed and your mind fills with thoughts. There are numerous jackets in the closet. Shoes. Scarves. Perfect for spider reproduction. Suddenly your clothes are off the rack and all over your room. All the shoes. The scarves. Wow. That was quick. Quick enough? You pray it is. Then you sit there. Worrying. Your room a disaster area. You peek into the shoes. You shake off the scarves. Scan the insides of the doors again. Smack them together.

Where is it?

You get a text message and nearly jump out of your skin. Read it. Close the phone. Look up.

And it's right there on the door again.

Shoe. Smack. Bang. Dead.



Jenna said...

hahaha story of my life. the worst is when you reach in for the kill, it goes flying, lands somewhere on your BED and you never find it again.
also, i have read the hunger games books three times. best ever.

Carrie said...

finding them in your shower is even worse.
i picture a full family of them living in my drain.

miss mandi said...

that was real nice.
i liked it.
also. it was nice saying hello to you earlier tonight.
just sayin.